The Members of the Board are well selected and have high expertise in there fields of responsibility . 


On this way we guarantee a solid foundation to focus our missions worlwide


Philipp Dörr, Founder
Head of Project Management

Member of the Board

Jennifer Wieland

Representive Germany 

Joachim Kurz, Co-Founder
Recruitment and Representive Germany

The Paws - Animal Fire/Search and Rescue

Severin Muths
Chief - Representive Switzerland & global

Material Donations

Tom Thomsen
Responsible for material donations

Medical Management Civil First Aid

Ulrich Bauernfeind
Medical Coordination

Medical Management Humanitarian Aid

Lydia Bauernfeind
Medical Coordination

Non Profit Organisation

The  "non-profit status" is certified by Bratschi AG Switzerland and to find at the State Chancellery  of the Kanton Zug (CH) with Certification No.: 3123/21 signed on February 19th 2021.  This status is regularly proofed by the external body.